Our Services

From designing, to building, to Computerized Water Testing, to supplies… Haymore Pools is here for you.

New Pool Construction

We will help you design your dream pool by size, shape and budget to fit your yard. We handle the permitting and the whole construction process for you! Let us help you build that backyard dream!

Water Testing

We offer free in-store computer water analysis and are trained to teach you how to maintain your swimming pool. Please feel free to use this service to help maintain your pool.

Chemical Supply

We offer a complete line of your chemical needs and we will train and guide you on how to use these chemicals. We are fully stocked store with all your parts and maintenance supplies.

Liner Repair & Replacement

A technician will measure the pool and order a liner to those measurements. The customer will need to come into the store to choose from a wide variety of liners. We use only Fort Wayne Replacement liners with a full 5 year warranty.

Pool Season Opening

A typical Spring opening consists of removing the pool cover and folding it. Retracting the deck anchors and/or removing any lawn spikes would complete this portion of the service. Next, our techs will blow off the surrounding decking, patio and filter area, making the Spring clean-up of your property faster, easier and more manageable. After which, they will reassemble your pools filter and equipment, test everything to make sure it’s working properly, and make any adjustments. Once the system is operational, they sweep any debris off the pools walls, and will vacuum your pool for the first time. Then you will need to bring water in for computerized testing. If all is well, it is now ready for your Summer enjoyment.

End of Season Closing

Winterizing your swimming pool correctly is extremely important and should be done by a professional. The pools’ piping and filter system need to be blown out and/or drained properly in order to avoid any damage from freezing. As part of the process, any equipment such as pumps, diving boards, ladders etc. are removed and stowed. The process includes lowering the pool water to a safe level to prevent any ice damage, adding chemicals to help reserve the water for next season, and leaving the pool clean to help prevent any possible staining. Finally, the anchors for the winter cover need to be “popped up” and the cover installed. Contact us with any questions you may have since the process will vary from pool to pool.

Pool Maintenance

We do not offer a weekly or monthly maintenance but will do offer a free in-store computer water analysis and professional guidance on your maintenance schedule. Also, we have trained technicians that can help with any service needs.

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